Shipping Policy Information

We will ship your order by the most economical method unless you specifically request a particular carrier irrespective of price. Our goal continues to be supplying you with top grade Natural Foods and delivering those goods to you in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Shipping charges will be calculated at the current rates. We apply the lowest available rate to your order based on the best applicable options offered by United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service. Call us toll-free for a shipping rate at (877) 975-2333 and you can also verify shipping rates by contacting and directly. You will find that in many cases the UPS rates that we charge are substantially lower than the given UPS rates. This is because we receive rate discounts from UPS based on the high volume of shipping that we do and it is our practice to pass these savings on to our customers.

The reason we donít utilize an automatic shipping rate generator in conjunction with our check out procedure lies with the number of variables in a shipping inquiry. The task is somewhat complex and the subtle factors that affect the outcome of shipping cost are best evaluated by an experienced human operator. The weight and destination of the order are just the initial factors that affect shipping cost and, currently, with the variety of Flat-Rate options offered by the U.S. Postal Service, product volume - the actual size of the items ordered - comes into play regarding what will fit into which particular box size. Experienced shipping estimators can evaluate at-a-glance what product combinations will fit in which flat-rate box or combination of boxes, resulting in consistently lowest rates for our customers.

The following table lists a general range of shipping prices that apply to common order sizes. All prices listed are approximate.

UPS Shipping is based on weight and destination - The following example weights are for general price comparison.
Wt. East Coast Central US West Coast
10 lbs $21.96 +/- $18.80 +/- $16.09 +/- insurance extra
30 lbs $39.81 +/- $30.61 +/- $18.83 +/- insurance extra
50 lbs $51.88 +/- $40.14 +/- $21.15 +/- insurance extra
US Postal Service (Flat Rate Boxes)
Box East Coast Central US West Coast
Small $9.41 $9.41 $9.41 insurance extra / For any weight that fits in the box
Medium $15.43 $15.43 $15.43 insurance extra / For any weight that fits in the box
Large $23.55 $23.55 $23.55 insurance extra / For any weight that fits in the box
Regional A $14.25 $13.25 $9.03 insurance extra / Maximum weight 14 lbs - if it fits
Regional B $24.85 $19.29 $9.65 insurance extra / Maximum weight 19 lbs - if it fits

If you let us choose the best shipping option, we always compare all eligible rates and select the least expensive shipping method. Flat Rate boxes seem to be the better way to ship in the lower weight/size orders (usually 25 lbs or less), but sometimes using multiple Flat Rate boxes is still less expensive than UPS Ground shipping and we always check!

United Parcel Service: Charges for shipping by United Parcel Service are calculated on net weight plus packaging and the distance to destination, with a variety of fee-based expedited services such as Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air. For a rate quotation please call or email us or refer to

USPS Flat Rate Shipping: The U.S. Postal Service offers Flat Rate Shipping with a projected 3-day delivery schedule within the contiguous United States. This is excellent service at economical prices, but an order is limited to the amount that can be fit into the selection of pre-set box sizes. There are several box sizes/shapes within the general Flat Rate classes of Small, Medium, and Large and there is another category called Regional Rate which has a smallish Medium and Large box sizes.

All of the Regional Rate box sizes and the variables of product volumes render our online check-out procedure incapable of performing automatic shipping cost calculation, so the only way to know this cost in advance of having your order shipped is to request the shipping cost quotation in the comments section, by email, or by calling us. We are happy to provide the shipping cost to you so please get in touch... After your first order or two you will be confident that we will always provide you with the least expensive and most efficient shipping available.

Special Packaging: Repackaging into paper bags is available in 5 lb. sizes only, at $.50 per bag. Please note a 3 to 5 day delay on these orders. If double cartons are desired these can be supplied at an additional cost of $1.50 each. (Larger Sizes)

Claims: Examine shipments on arrival. If any breakage, damage or loss is discovered request driver to record details on delivery receipt. File claims against delivering carrier. Keep original shipping container for inspection.

Complaints: Any complaints should be made within 10 days of receipt of order. No refunds or credits will be issued without inspection. Do not discard or return goods without authorization.

Prices: Strictly net and subject to change without notice. Transportation charges are additional. Orders billed at prices prevailing at time of shipment.

Phone Orders: For fast service on charge orders, order online or call our order line, (760) 749-1133 during our regular business hours. (Pacific Time)

Payments: Enclose check with with mail orders or charge mail or online orders to VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Storage: Keep in cool place or refrigerate. Our foods do not contain preservatives and we will not be responsible for damage due to improper storage. Many of our products can be stored in the freezer.

Minimum Quantities: Quantities as specified in the online catalog are the smallest that we supply.

Thank you for shopping at Jaffe Bros. We enjoy helping you.