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About Jaffe Bros. and

At its inception in 1948, Jaffe Bros. began with the distribution of a small range of Organic products which consisted largely of Dried Fruits and Nuts. As the Price Sheet from the 1953-1954 season, shown here suggests, we were rooted in the basic commodities which were simple in nature, but significant in their impact on one's diet and overall nutrition.

We don't need to educate you on the health benefits of eating organic, raw foods. You found our website because of your interest in better eating and often our customers are fully informed on the subject and are themselves authorities in food combining, sprouting, and the healing benefits of proper diet.

Sid Jaffe, our founder, was a raw foodist in the early 1940's and Emma and Allen Jaffe, the co-founders in the 1950's, were avid naturalists. Though our experience in healthful eating and living goes back a couple of generations our area of expertise lies in the ability to maintain relationships with the growers and producers of these fine foods and transport them economically to our storage facility and finally to you.

It is an impressive chain of logistical cooperation that enables foods to originate from a grower or producer and arrive in your household. Since the introduction of Internet technologies, supplying the world with organic foods has become even more remarkable and as always, our unmistakable pleasure.

The Jaffe Family