Organic WALNUTS - Light Halves & Pieces (raw) - 25 LBS

Organic WALNUTS - Light Halves & Pieces (raw) - 25 LBS
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5 LB Bag

Origin: California, USA

Discover the Secret to Sustained Wellness: Bulk Walnuts!

Indulge in the convenience of quick shipping and long-lasting freshness. Incorporate these wholesome nuts into your daily diet and unlock a world of benefits:

  • Boost heart health with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Enhance brain function and cognitive health
  • Support weight management and satiety
  • Strengthen bones with essential minerals
  • Reduce inflammation and promote overall well-being

Transform your lifestyle today with the goodness of bulk walnuts!

We have been supplying our customers with Walnuts from Ferrari Farms in California for well over 40 years and the consistent high quality from this grower is testimony to their skilled attention in every facet of farming, storage, and packaging.